New Beginnings

After many years, today my depression finally caught up with me. I’ve been quite good at putting up a front and making it look like everything is ok, and even though I am finally in a good and stable job, and have a good and stable relationship there is a void and I just can’t work out why it’s there or how to deal with it.

So on a very lonely Friday evening while watching Reign of Fire, I decided to try writing a blog. Obviously.

The thing is that the society we live in embraces and encourages the “art” of celebrity. People get paid small fortunes to reveal the innermost details of their lives. Yet some of us have the most intriguing, tragic and funny stories to tell but because we are unknown there is no interest. I have decided that whether people are interested or not I am going to try out writing about my life. They do always describe it as being “cathartic” after all. And maybe that’s what I need.

Needless to say my name is not really Emily. I may be in an emotional hole but I’m not stupid.

So maybe some basic facts about me?

I am a female that would typically tick the box “age 21-25”. I come from a broken home. A very broken home. I had a difficult childhood despite fitting into the idyllic middle-class stereotype. I have one sister, one mother, no father and a whole lotta problems. But looking at me you would never think it.

After a visit to the GP I kinda feel like I’ve shared enough for today. Nothing like making strange animal-crying noises in front of a perfect stranger to wear you out.

Until the next time I guess, whenever that may be.


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